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How It Works

Applicable to the entire electrified marketplace

3rd-party-validated efficiency improvement in excess of 20 percent

Eliminated battery stress leads to greatly extended battery life


Broad Applications

Premergy technology not only realizes significant performance improvements, but does so while remaining applicable to the entire electrified marketplace.

Premergy technology is applicable to all types of electric vehicles:

Possible Applications:

  • Passenger Vehicles

  • First Responders

  • Military

  • Class 1-8 Commercial Vehicles

  • Long Haul Delivery

  • Final Mile Delivery

  • And More...

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20% Greater Range

Independently proven to provide overall efficiency gains in excess of 20 percent.

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Improved Battery Life

Premergy technology is in a class of its own, delivering major performance benefits while simultaneously reducing battery loads and thermal stress.

Batteries remain stable and operating at their peak for far longer than in traditional electric vehicle architectures.

What it means:

  • Less battery degradation over time

  • Opportunity to utilize smaller and cheaper battery packs

  • No compromises between battery life and performance

  • Increased consumer satisfaction

  • Improved brand image

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